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Mar 19th, 2018, 12:10am

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« Thread started on: Dec 19th, 2010, 4:42pm »

Hello, I'm Roberto known as {Roberto} in game sometimes and more...

I started playing tribes 2 in 2009-02-25, this was my first tribes game, and I still play it of course.
I made this site or
in December 03 2010 and I made the first 9 maps in like 2-3 weeks before creating this site.

There are three versions of each map for example Katabatic ED, Katabatic AI, Katabatic AIV, if the map haves no vstation then there will be no
AIV version unless I really want to add a vstation to that map.

**** ED ****

This version haves modified objectives and this will make the bots use different loadouts, weapons, have a higher or lower priority on some things like
repairing,defending or attacking (depends on the map) etc. I try to balance things so the bots will be fun and tougher than the default bot support.

It also haves a better nav file (bot navigation) so the bots will get stuck less and there are less chances that you will see a bot hump a wall endlessly,
and other navigation fixes. Of course you may still see the bot having problems sometimes but less than the default navigation file.
So using these nav's and maps is better.

This version also haves minor map changes sometimes when bots really have problems where inventories/turrets/sensors etc. are placed.
This is only if bot really have problems with the location of some assets or objects.

They also have new objectives, like sniping locations, or defending certain locations with a shieldpack/ammopack etc. these are just examples.
I also added good locations for them to deploy turrets and remote inventories, these sneaky bots will also deploy inventories near the enemy base in some

And of course I added objectives for them to deploy turrets, inventories in good spots, in AI and AIV they deploy cameras and sensors too.
The sneaky bots will also deploy remote inventories near an enemy's base in some maps.

I did what I could to make better bot support for the maps I edit, remember the ED version haves the default bots and not Lagg's advanced bots.
Why? For mods, you can use the ED version in mods where the bot CAN already use the modded weapons of the mod, lagg's bots will only use default tribes 2
weapons. For example in revmod/meltdown/triumph/ etc. any mod where the bot is able to use the modded weapons. This means you will have better bot support
for the map and you will have the bots that came with the mod and not Lagg's bots. Again, you will have all the new objectives/modified objectives/better
navigation and all the things I mentioned but the bots are the ones that come with the mod you are playing.

I test everything in base since I cannot test these maps in every mod and edit them for each mod separately, so if you have a mod that is not bot friendly
expect them to act different than in base. Also the bots are more powerfull in base since you can't minedisc them or ski very fast.
Easy or hard things which they can do in base could be troublesome in some mods. So yeah, they may get stuck
in certain places or can't deploy some things in mods where in base they can do it without problems. But this depends on the mod and the map, try it yourself
and see. The ED version should be way better anyway for mods than having default bot support in my opinion. This is why I made the ED version, sometimes
I want to have better bot support when I'm playing some mods where bots can use modded weapons.

Also, you can use the AI version in some mods, I recommend using the AI version if the bots can't use the mod's modded weapons, Lagg's bots (which are
in AI and AIV) only use the default weapons too. So if they both use the default tribes 2 weapons why not use Lagg's better bots. They have lots of fixes
and they can do more stuff and they have some more objectives.
For example you can use the AI version in renegades since the renegades bots won't use renegades weapons, they are just default bots.
Using Lagg's bots is better since they have lots of fixes and they can do more stuff.

AIV depends too on mods of course, if the mod haves modified vehicles expect the bots to drive differently, in a good or a bad way.

**** AI ****

The AI version haves Lagg's version 3 bots in it, this is made after ED and sometimes the objectives from the ED version are modified again a bit to
have good results with Lagg's bots.

I also added some new objectives which only Lagg's bots can do/do better, things like cloaking, using the missile launcher and mortar to destroy turrets
and sensors, patrolling bots in spots where I made them patrol or deploy sensors/cameras etc.

For more things which Lagg's AI can do look at the bottom of this readme.

**** AIV ****

In this version bots have objectives to drive shrikes, bombers, tanks, gunships and deploy MPB's, depends on the map.

I try to make good paths which they will randomly use each time they buy a vehicle, for example the MPB will not deploy in the same location all the time,
it may have more or less paths which bots will use for deploying.

Same thing for shrikes, tanks, gunships, bombers. They can come fron the front, back or from the side of the base, I try to make them come from all directions.
They have lots of paths but it usually depends on the map. They can also use in some maps three shrikes at the same time in the same team, so that's a total
of 6 shrike driving bots per map at the same time, the last shrike usually haves the lowest priority for balance but again, it depends on the map.

Same thing for bombers, gunships and tanks, it depends on the map how many they can use at the same time or if they will use it at all.

Lagg's bots version 3 (these bots are in AI and AIV):

-The bots can throw mines when they are in combat
-They also cloak... like cloakers, they will activate the pack and they will use the shocklance to kill you
-They won't stand on top of a remote inventory anymore, they will use it and continue to do their stuff...
-If a bot doesn't laze a turret/sensor for a heavy bot then the bot will go somewhere where he can see the target himself and shoot anyway instead
of just standing and doing nothing like the default bots
-The bots can deploy motion and pulse sensors, also cameras
-The bots can use the Missile Launcher to destroy turrets and sensors
-The bots can drive shrikes, gunships, bombers, tanks and deploy MPB's. (in AIV)
And of course they can use the MPB teleporter if they need to reach a objective faster, they can bomb, be tailgunners, use both tank weapons, hop in the
gunship as passengers...
-More fixes and things which Lagg made.
-The bots can do more stuff in version 4 of his bots but he didn't released them yet and I'm not sure if he will in the future...

Some info:

Bots have a lot of things to do in these maps, if it's possible always play with 15vs15 bots, or else you won't see them doing all the objectives.
If you have a few bots they won't do all the objectives I added instead they will do the high priority ones. Add atleast 15vs15 bots in every map to
see them doing all sorts of stuff. And ALWAYS play with the bot skill on max, they are still bots, don't make them statues and max the level.

To add more bots than 16 open the console by pressing the ~ key and type:

And press enter.

X is the number of bots you want to add.

To install the bots put the vl2 files in your base folder, before running these bots always use DSO remover to delete your previous compiled scripts or
else you could have some problems with running lagg's bots.

Put the DSO remover in the gamedata folder and always run it, and let it delete dso's before you play tribes 2.

I also included a script that comes which each map, xrandomgameai which randomizes the bot skin and voices. This was made by keen.

If you want to play on Lagg Alot's server look for --- DESTRUCTION ZONE --- or for PinkPanther's server named TRIUMPH BotAbuse 300Maps .

Thanks too:

-Lagg Alot for the bots and helping me with the bots
-Pinkpanther also for helping me with some bot information
-Keen for the bot randomizer script
-MetaDrax for map testing and taking care of the site
-BDC for adding excellent bot support to BIOMod
-Thyth for creating TribesNext
-Everyone who plays my bot supported maps
Sorry if I forgot someone
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