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Mar 19th, 2018, 12:10am

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xx MetaDrax's Map Releases & Downloads
« Thread started on: Jun 5th, 2012, 06:56am »

Please post comments, bugs, naming errors, etc. in the Released Map Feedback section.

I may delete this thread/post and recreate it for new releases.

Place .vl2 file in "Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\base"

Maps are serverside. Only host needs files. Clients simply join.

To reduce unexpected game crashes and UEs, load maps 2 times.

Load the map and gametype. Quit back to map choice menu. Load the map again and play as normal.

Recommended Optional Add-ons
Requires deleting all old DSO files in Tribes 2 directory to generate new DSOs.

64 Bot Menu Interface -
Bot Diversity Script -

CTF Bot Map Pack
Updated: 6/5/12
Status: Finished


Includes 22 Maps:

Acid Rain RV
Archipelago RV
Beggar's Run RI
Damnation RI
Desiccator RV
Gorgon RI
Katabatic RV
Magmatic RV
Minotaur RI
Quagmire RI
Raindance RV
Ramparts RI
Recalescence RV
Reversion RV
Sanctuary RV
Slapdash RV
Snowblind RI
Starfallen RV
Sub-zero RI
Thin Ice RV
Tombstone RI
White Dwarf RI


CNH Bot Map Pack
Updated: 4/5/12
Status: Finished


Includes 17 Maps:

Abominable RI
Agents of Fortune RI
Blackout RI
Casern Cavite RI
Central to Ashes RV
Equinox RI
Firestorm RI
Flashback RV
Gehenna RI
Insalubria RV
Jacob's Ladder RI
Myrkwood RI
Overreach RV
Pyroclasm RI
Rasp RI
Sirocco RI
Underhill RI


Siege Bot Map Pack
Updated: 4/5/12
Status: Finished


Includes 7 Maps:

Alcatraz RI
Caldera Descent RV
Gauntlet RV
Icebound RV
Masada RV
Respite RI
Ultima Thule RI


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